Planning for retirement

Your tailored retirement plan

Deciding when you want to stop work is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, and it’s very often the biggest.  What is right for you might be completely wrong for someone else.

Some people want to stop work as soon as they can.  This could be for various reasons such as spending more time travelling, helping out with young grandchildren or to take up voluntary work instead.

Others see themselves working longer.  Not necessarily because they need to, but because they want to.

Many people choose to work part-time, or they might move on to work on a consultancy basis rather than as an employee.

Every client’s retirement plan is unique and therefore our advice is individual and tailored.  We spend time with our clients, discussing their plans, their timescales and how they foresee things changing over the years.

Through detailed discussions, including clarification of objectives and income requirements, we have helped demonstrate to many of our clients, the reality of them being able to retire earlier than they had first thought.

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