Helping a small business obtain healthcare insurance

Violet Marketing Ltd

David is 46 and Janet is 45. They run Violet Marketing, a successful company based in Glasgow’s West End.

Following Covid, David and Janet are acutely aware of the pressures on the NHS. Considering their ages, they realise that they should not take their continued good health for granted, and that as time goes on they are more likely to need medical treatment.

Both had previously looked into private healthcare insurance on an individual basis, but had been put off by the costs.

As personal clients of Spectrum, following David’s recent financial planning review, he and Janet asked us to look at group private medical insurance on their behalf.

Violet Marketing

The outcome

We carried out research and a full review of the market. We were able to obtain an appropriate policy on behalf of Violet marketing, covering David and Janet in the way that they had wanted. The premiums are considerably lower than they had seen as individuals, and are payable monthly as a business expense,

Importantly for both David and Janet, we were also able to include cover for their partners and children, which brought them additional peace of mind.

In the future they will look to allow their staff to join the plan as part of an added benefits package.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some aspects of Cashflow, Trust, Tax and Estate Planning.