Taking away the hassle for a widow

Sandra's story

Sandra and Jim had been married for a long time and had a large family together.  It had always been Jim who “took care of the finances” and this had always worked well for them.

We had met Sandra and Jim when Jim was looking to retire.  We helped make sense of the plans he had and we turned them into retirement income.  Sadly, shortly into retirement, Jim became ill and passed away.  Sandra was very shaken by the sudden death, and she worried about her finances.  Throughout the years of knowing both Sandra and Jim, we had built a great relationship based on trust, and Sandra invited us into her home in those early days to go over things.

We helped Sandra and her children to look through Jim’s file of paperwork, taking away anything that we could help with and deal with for Sandra, and offering advice on what we couldn’t deal with directly.

Case Studies

The outcome

Shortly after Jim had passed away, as a result of working with us, Sandra was clearer about what her income would be and what she was entitled to.  We also helped Sandra liaise with her solicitor regarding Jim’s estate and we made sure Sandra had her own affairs in order, to make sure things would be as easy as possible for the children, on her eventual death.

Sandra regularly contacts us as a “sounding board” for herself and on behalf of her family, on various financial matters, and she is delighted to have an ongoing relationship with us.