Other Corporate Insurances

Additional insurance benefits

Group life, critical illness and income protection insurances are the most common insurance policies put in place by employers, but there are numerous additional types of cover that can be offered to company staff.

These can enhance overall benefit packages, improve staff engagement and loyalty, and stand you out as a caring employer.

Additional insurances
Group Dental Plan

Group Dental Plan

Group Dental Insurance can be provided by employers and offered to eligible staff.

Cover is often extended to employees’ family members, with the costs either being met by the employer or topped up by the scheme member. 

Group Dental Insurance features in many employee benefit packages and is particularly popular in urban areas where NHS dental care can sometimes be difficult to obtain.

The policy aims to pay towards the costs of dental examinations and treatment.  Agreed limits can be applied to what the scheme will cover.

Group Travel Cover

Group Travel Insurance can be offered to eligible staff, as appropriate to business needs.

Employees can be insured when they are travelling for business only, or cover can be extended to include leisure purposes.  Cover is often offered to employees’ family members for travel for leisure purposes, the cost of which can either be met by the employer or employee. 

Group Travel Insurance is a key component of many employee benefit packages and its function is to pay towards any costs which may arise following unforeseen events whilst away from home, and in particular when abroad.

Group travel cover

Cover will cease on insurance products if premium payments are not maintained.