Working with other professional advisers

Working together in your best interests

For many clients, our work can’t be carried out in isolation.  We will need to interact with your other professional advisers, and in fact we can provide you with a far better service when we always have the full picture.  The more we know about your situation and wider plans, the better placed we will be to help you.

We might need to check the detail of your Will, or fully understand the way you have structured your business, so we will want to speak with your solicitor or estate planner.

Likewise, we might need to understand the details of how you are paid and to fully explore any available tax allowances, so communication with your accountant is also vital.

On the other hand, we may identify that you would benefit from bringing in other specialist advisers, in which case we would suggest appropriate experts from our wide range of professional connections.

The more we understand about your overall finances and what you are trying to achieve, the better the solution we will be able to provide.

Financial Planning