Nadeen Watson

30 July 2021

The gender pay gap: How it goes beyond salaries and affects retirement

While the gender pay gap has received lots of attention over recent years, the impact it has on pensions is often overlooked. Figures suggest that women […]
25 June 2021

5 reasons you should still open an ISA

The Bank of England interest rate has been below 1% for 12 years. If you’re a saver, you may think there’s little point in shopping around […]
25 June 2021

Over 55s planning once in a lifetime experiences, but could finances hold back aspirations?

While the mantra might be “life begins at 40”, over 55s are planning to live their life to the fullest as Covid-19 restrictions lift. Retirement might […]
25 June 2021

Why adding your savings to your pension could mean your money goes further

Seven in ten (72%) UK adults have saved money due to the pandemic, but just a fraction plan to add these savings to their pension, according […]
28 May 2021

Money mindset: Shaking up how you think about finances could boost wellbeing

Money has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Whether we have “enough” is often the focus when facing money challenges, but a new report suggests that […]
28 May 2021

Should you defer your State Pension? It could reduce your tax liability

There’s often a lot of talk about the State Pension Age rising and the impact it could have on retirement plans. But, in certain circumstances, delaying […]
28 May 2021

How inflation can reduce your pension and what you can do about it

When you think of risks to your retirement, do you include inflation? It can have a huge impact on your income throughout retirement. Yet, it’s often […]
30 April 2021

Employee benefits that self-employed workers miss out on, and how to bridge the gap

There are more than five million self-employed workers in the UK, according to government statistics. This figure is rising, with around one in six people now […]
30 April 2021

Why opening a pension for a child before they start school can unlock powerful growth

It really is never too soon to start investing through a pension. You may not be thinking about the retirement lifestyle that your children or grandchildren […]