Paul McFadyen

Paul McFadyen

Managing Director

Paul has worked in financial services since 2004, following his graduation (with an MSci in chemistry!) from the University of Strathclyde.  Although his time at Strathclyde was enjoyable, it also led him to realise he didn’t want to be a scientist.

Following increasingly senior roles with various insurance companies, Paul saw a natural career path in financial services and began his studies in this area.  He has been an Independent Financial Adviser since 2009.

At that time, the industry was moving away from transactional product sales, towards ongoing relationships, long-term planning, higher qualifications and greater professionalism.  Businesses that embraced this thrived, and Paul was heavily involved with Independent Advisers (Scotland) Ltd, which was one of these.  He sat further exams while developing the service proposition, all the time thinking how he would like to be treated as a client.

Sometimes it takes a great deal of courage to come and speak with a financial planner for the first time. It’s important for us to realise this and make sure our clients are at ease.

We are here to work in partnership with our clients, not to sell them something. Once people realise this, any barriers come down; they’re reassured; they know that we are here to work with them, in their best interests.

Having worked with various companies throughout his career, Paul believes that our small business is well placed to really care, value, and make a difference to our clients.  He is proud to have developed the Spectrum team, having the unique advantage of being designed around the client experience, from day one.

Paul takes enormous satisfaction from working with his clients and seeing their dreams become realities.  In particular, he loves to present a plan that shows a comfortable ability to retire early.

Although an accredited pensions specialist, Paul’s main passions are for providing his clients with a first-class service, cutting through the jargon, and following through with everything he promises to do.  He doesn’t underestimate the responsibilities that come with being a trusted adviser.

Paul is no stranger to the Scottish education system, having a wife who is a primary teacher as well as two school-age children.  He likes to get out on his bike whenever he can, and he takes a lot of pride in completing DIY projects, despite an ever-growing list of jobs at home!